Running Searches in Playground

Vellum Search can be used to include relevant context in a prompt at run-time that fits within LLM token window limits. Typically, the query that produces the search results comes from an end-user.

For example, here’s a prompt used to answer questions, pulling the source materials for an answer from a document index. The remainder of this article references variables from this prompt to explain the mechanics.

Step 1: How to add relevant context to context_str variable

In Vellum Playground, each variable has a 🔍 icon to include search results in Playground

Prompt Search Icon

Clicking this button opens up a modal to return Search results for a given query. Follow these steps in the modal:

  • Enter the Document Index that should be queried against
  • Type the search query (note: this should be the same as the query_str in the prompt variable)
  • Choose the number of chunks to be returned, the separators between each chunk and hit Run. By default, Vellum returns 3 chunks and uses new lines as separators.
  • Clicking Apply adds these results to the context_str variable

Prompt Search Dialog

Step 2: How to use the context to get results

Copy/paste the same user query into the query_str variable. Hit Run on the Playground and see the results against a variety of prompts.

Prompt Search Results